Friday, April 22, 2005

NFL Draft Rumors and Thoughts

Looks like Alex Smith the highly touted quarterback from Utah might not be the San Francisco 49ers pick afterall as it seems the reason behind this is signing him to a contract. Smith is their clear choice as their number 1 overall pick, but it seems like the 49ers might be a little cheap in actually wanting to give him a good offer. Aaron Rogers from Cal would love to play for the 49ers and might even take less money, if Aaron Rogers is indeed the #1 pick, a lot of articles will be written on Sunday morning stating that the 49ers went with the pick they could sign at the lower contract offer.

If Alex Smith is indeed their top pick, why not offer up the money and sign this kid, get him into camp and get him familiar with the system. This could be a major regret in 4 to 5 years if Alex Smith is having a great year with another team and Aaron Rogers is struggling to get the 49ers to a 8 and 8 record.

Stay tuned for the NFL draft at noon on ESPN.


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