Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Will The NFC Playoffs Produce a 8-8 Team

It looks like the NFC will have a playoff team with a record of (8-8) this year, truly showing the average play of the NFL this year. It's my thinking that the NFL has done a disservice to it's league by having so much expansion in the recent years, thus causing teams to load up on average players which produces average teams. Granted even though that the league has gone down in it's level of play we will gather around the TV set each Sunday to watch because there's a mystique about the NFL that we will always love.

Looking over the possible playoff teams I see the following either making thumbs playoffs at records of (8-8) or (7-9).

Seattle Seahawks
St. Louis Rams
Minnesota Vikings

Looking over these teams, I think we would have looked over these teams thinking they would have at least 10 win seasons. As the saying goes; "Any Given Sunday," well that statement is holding true just about every week this year in the NFL.


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