Thursday, December 02, 2004

Will Major League Baseball Enforce Penalties For Steroid Use?

Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees has now publicly come out and said that he has in fact used steroids in 2003 according to transcripts that have now come out from a testimony he gave. What's even more appaling than the fact he took steroids is his denail in December of 2003 when he said he never took steroids.

Major League Baseball now has the opportunity to win some respect from it's fans by banning such players no matter who they are and really clean up their image. They already have had to take years to come back into the good graces of their fans from the last strike they had in the 1990's, by putting strict rules into steroids and drugs, they will send a clear message to their fans that they care about the game they put out on the field. By letting all of this slide Major League Baseball is telling their fans, "Hey, we don't like the drug and steroid use, but what they do on their own time we can't do anything about it."

What leads me to believe that Major League Baseball really won't enforce a strict penalty on steroid use is that when you go to you really have to dig deep to find a link about this recent big news that is a major black eye to baseball.


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