Saturday, December 04, 2004

Should IOC Take Marion Jones Olympic Medals?

Simple answer is YES. The IOC should take Marion Jones Olympic medals just as they have done so with other Olympic ahtletes that have been found guilty of taking illegal drugs in the past. Remember this is the same federation that bans athletes from taking cough medicine if they have a cold during the Olympic games. Marion Jones knew exactly what she was getting into when she decided to take these illegal drugs to help her performance on the track. Victor Conte, head of the lab that distributed the illegal drugs has come out and said Marion Jones knew what she was taking and even watched as she injected these steroids into herself.

Marion Jones has claimed to be innocent for quite sometime now, but with the recent shakedown of steroids in Major League Baseball coming out this week from athletes, something doesn't smell right since these athletes can all be traced into having some sort of allegiance to the BALCO labs.


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