Thursday, December 09, 2004

Oklahoma Sooners and USC Trojans Dominate Heisman

The top four canidates in my mind come from two colleges, Oklahoma and USC. The interesting point will be to see if Jason White can join Archie Griffin as a two-time winner. Even more interesting, does Jason White have a chance to suit up on Sunday's next fall in the NFL? Lots of questions will be answered, the last question I posed is about 40%/60% that Jason White will be on the sidelines this coming fall. At best Jason White will be carrying a clipboard and will be the 3rd option on the team that drafts him. My predictions for the Heisman Trophy are as follows.

Winner - Matt Leinart
2nd Place - Jason White
3rd Place - Reggie Bush
4th Place - Adrian Peterson

Tune in this Saturday.


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