Saturday, December 04, 2004

Army - Navy Football

Even though today's Army / Navy game won't factor into a BCS Bowl game, in fact it never has played a role in determining who will play in a January major Bowl game, but it doesn't matter one bit. It doesn't matter to me or really anyone who enjoys watching college football because this college football game is much more than just a football game.

The tradition these two teams bring in today's game is so rich in tradition it really ranks as the number #1 college football rivarly. Army and Navy truely hate each other before the game and during the game but when it's all over they shake each other's hand and hug and they know that in these times they all have a common goal, to protect our great country. If you need any extra reasons to watch this game today, I suggest you read this great article courtesy of
Army/Navy College Football Story.

While there will be more important college football games to decide what teams will play where in January, there is no more important and fun college game to watch today than Army/Navy.


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