Sunday, December 12, 2004

College Football Coaching Positions Going Fast

Looks like Notre Dame has signed Charlie Weis to a six year deal to coach the Irish. I really like this choice as it gives Notre Dame an offensive approach to their game and that should really open up a lot of scoring chances. Now all Notre Dame needs now is some players that can play on the offense.

Other coaching positions that appear to be filled are as follows:
Stanford will hand their head coaching position to Walt Harris formerly of Pittsburgh and Tyrone Willingham who was fired last month from Notre Dame will take over at Washington, the same confrence he coached at before he took the Notre Dame position.

Weekly NFL Picks

The last two weeks I've gone 4-2 against the spread. Below are the NFL games I like this week.

Minnesota Vikings -6.5
Playing at home and they can still win their division so they should be ready to come out and win big today.

Carolina Panthers -6
St. Louis is going with a very old back up QB today and the Carolina Panthers have won 4 straight. They should cover and keep their streak alive.

Cleveland Browns +10.5
Buffalo will win this game today, but I find it really hard to believe they can cover 10+ points.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Will The NHL Play?

The NHLPA offered a proposal to the NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and the league owners this week that includes a 24-percent salary rollback. Gary Bettman has called this proposal "a significant offer" but he is due along with the owners next week to display their counter offer, but the main sticking point is that the owners want or should I say demand a salary cap. If that is still their number one priority, then I believe this season will be lost as the NHLPA is against this offer. We shall see how things play out by mid week.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Oklahoma Sooners and USC Trojans Dominate Heisman

The top four canidates in my mind come from two colleges, Oklahoma and USC. The interesting point will be to see if Jason White can join Archie Griffin as a two-time winner. Even more interesting, does Jason White have a chance to suit up on Sunday's next fall in the NFL? Lots of questions will be answered, the last question I posed is about 40%/60% that Jason White will be on the sidelines this coming fall. At best Jason White will be carrying a clipboard and will be the 3rd option on the team that drafts him. My predictions for the Heisman Trophy are as follows.

Winner - Matt Leinart
2nd Place - Jason White
3rd Place - Reggie Bush
4th Place - Adrian Peterson

Tune in this Saturday.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Marvin Harrison Gets A Huge Payday

Marvin Harrison scored a huge contract from the Indianapolis Colts today by agreeing to a seven year $67 million extension. The Colts now have two of their three top offensive players wrapped up which means plenty of points will be lighting up the scoreboard in the AFC for years to come. With these two contracts they will have to look in the draft or free agency for a running back because with the cap it'll be tought to keep Edgerrin James, even thought the Colts say there is some flexibilty to re-sign him when his contract runs out.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Right Call In Suspending Latrell Sprewell

Latrell Sprewell received a one game suspension for yelling a sexual vulgarity at a fan at a recent Minnesota Timberwolves game. Even though this was a minor incident compared to the Ron Artest ordeal, this suspension was called for in hopes that the there won't be any major outbreaks for the rest of the season. The NBA does need to work more closely with the security officers because the fans need to be dealt with as well because it wasn't all Latrell's fault.

Trouble Finds David Boston Once Again

David Boston just recently pleaded not guilty to assaulting a ticket agent at a Burlington International Airport this past October. If you remember this has been quite a season for the injured Miami Dolphin receiver. He is out for the season with a knee injury and he is appealing a four game suspension by the NFL for testing positive for steroids.

What was to be a successful season for the wide receiver has been seasons of what-if's. You would think the season would just get a little easier for the Miami Dolphins, not worse. First Ricky Williams, now it's David Boston that is making the headlines for the Dolphins and he's not even playing.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Mike Bibby Fired From USC

With a (2-2) record and with some players missing from the USC men's college basketball team, Mike Bibby was released from his coaching duties. This early into the season, I believe more will come out of this firing than just reasons of "We need to go in a new direction."

Stay tuned.

Why The BCS Fails

I've written about it before and I still feel the same way, Division 1-A college football needs a playoff system. How does the #19 team in college football get a crack at one of the BCS ball games? This just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Here's the problem with this, the Big East gets a bid, but look at how average the Big East is this year and look at the record of Pittsburgh. How is this far to Cal, a team that deserves one of the four major bowl games.

Look, we have three weeks before the January bowl games begin, can't we put a playoff system in that will fill the void until these games start?

NFL Top Five Rankings According To...

According to AllSportsNews.blogspot we have come up with our Top Five NFL teams for the year.

#5 - San Diego Chargers
Who would of thought this team would be on the verge of making the playoffs, then again they are in the hunt to win the AFC West

#4 - Indianapolis Colts
Peyton just keeps throwing the ball and he's got about seven people that can catch and score

#3 - Pittsburgh Steelers
A good team, really the #1,#2 and #3 spots can all be the same

#2 - Philadelphia Eagles
This offense looks potent and they should continue to roll through the next four games. The run defense is looking good now.

#1 - New England
Having a good running back is making this offense look better than their Super Bowl teams.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

NFL Week 13 Picks and Updates

Went (2-1) again this week, what happened on that last play with Denver and San Diego?

Watched the Philadelphia Eagles dismantle the Green Bay Packers with Donovan McNabb throwing for over 460 yards along with 5 touchdown passes. With the great play of Brian Westbrook and the emerging success of Terrell Owens, the Eagles offense looks to have what it takes to get over the hump and win the NFC Championship this year.

College Football Bowl Schedule All Set

The much anticipated FedEx Orange bowl gives us the best two teams in college football with Oklahoma playing USC. These two teams are the best in my eyes and I expect a great game between these two teams that will surely give us a great offensive showdown. Although this game will decide who is the best team in college football, the game I'm looking forward to is the Fiesta Bowl that will put Utah against Pittsburgh. I'll be interested in seeing how well Utah plays agaisnt a team from a major BCS confrence. I believe that the offense from Utah will have a great game and will show the country that they do belong by taking care of the Pittsburgh Panthers.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

NFL Weekly Against The Spread Picks

Went (2-1) last week. Below are my top picks for this week; December 5, 2004.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -1.5
Tampa is just playing well and I think they expose the poor Atlanta offense.

Kansas City Chiefs -1.5
Tough call, but I think Oakland gave it their all and spent too much on the Denver game last week.

Buffalo Bills -3.5
The Buffalo Bills are playing really good football as of late and I think this carries on against a bad Miami Dolphins team.

Should IOC Take Marion Jones Olympic Medals?

Simple answer is YES. The IOC should take Marion Jones Olympic medals just as they have done so with other Olympic ahtletes that have been found guilty of taking illegal drugs in the past. Remember this is the same federation that bans athletes from taking cough medicine if they have a cold during the Olympic games. Marion Jones knew exactly what she was getting into when she decided to take these illegal drugs to help her performance on the track. Victor Conte, head of the lab that distributed the illegal drugs has come out and said Marion Jones knew what she was taking and even watched as she injected these steroids into herself.

Marion Jones has claimed to be innocent for quite sometime now, but with the recent shakedown of steroids in Major League Baseball coming out this week from athletes, something doesn't smell right since these athletes can all be traced into having some sort of allegiance to the BALCO labs.

Army - Navy Football

Even though today's Army / Navy game won't factor into a BCS Bowl game, in fact it never has played a role in determining who will play in a January major Bowl game, but it doesn't matter one bit. It doesn't matter to me or really anyone who enjoys watching college football because this college football game is much more than just a football game.

The tradition these two teams bring in today's game is so rich in tradition it really ranks as the number #1 college football rivarly. Army and Navy truely hate each other before the game and during the game but when it's all over they shake each other's hand and hug and they know that in these times they all have a common goal, to protect our great country. If you need any extra reasons to watch this game today, I suggest you read this great article courtesy of
Army/Navy College Football Story.

While there will be more important college football games to decide what teams will play where in January, there is no more important and fun college game to watch today than Army/Navy.

Notre Dame Football Doesn't Get Their Man

So what's Plan B at Notre Dame? As of this week when they thought they had Urban Meyer, there probably wasn't a Plan B.

I have to agree with Urban Meyer on this decision, why would you want to coach at Notre Dame when you could go to Florida where the team is better, the academics aren't as strict and you are in contention for a major bowl game every year. Let's face it Notre Dame just doesn't have what it used to and it will take at least 4 or 5 years before it will get in a major bowl game.

With Notre Dame not having a solid back up plan after it lost out on Urban Meyer, the BCS Bowl Games will most likely have to be watched by the football team at Notre Dame instead of being played in.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ricky Williams Football Career Seems To Be Over

It seems as if out toking buddy and former NFL running back has decided to not serve the NFL's four game suspension and resume play next year.

According to Ricky William's lawyer, "Ricky is going to stay on the retired list and I have to conclude that his career is over," David Cornwell said."

Somehow I don't think we have heard the end of this story nor have we heard the resolution of the estimated $8 million Ricky Williams owes to the Miami Dolphins.

Will Major League Baseball Enforce Penalties For Steroid Use?

Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees has now publicly come out and said that he has in fact used steroids in 2003 according to transcripts that have now come out from a testimony he gave. What's even more appaling than the fact he took steroids is his denail in December of 2003 when he said he never took steroids.

Major League Baseball now has the opportunity to win some respect from it's fans by banning such players no matter who they are and really clean up their image. They already have had to take years to come back into the good graces of their fans from the last strike they had in the 1990's, by putting strict rules into steroids and drugs, they will send a clear message to their fans that they care about the game they put out on the field. By letting all of this slide Major League Baseball is telling their fans, "Hey, we don't like the drug and steroid use, but what they do on their own time we can't do anything about it."

What leads me to believe that Major League Baseball really won't enforce a strict penalty on steroid use is that when you go to you really have to dig deep to find a link about this recent big news that is a major black eye to baseball.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Will The NFC Playoffs Produce a 8-8 Team

It looks like the NFC will have a playoff team with a record of (8-8) this year, truly showing the average play of the NFL this year. It's my thinking that the NFL has done a disservice to it's league by having so much expansion in the recent years, thus causing teams to load up on average players which produces average teams. Granted even though that the league has gone down in it's level of play we will gather around the TV set each Sunday to watch because there's a mystique about the NFL that we will always love.

Looking over the possible playoff teams I see the following either making thumbs playoffs at records of (8-8) or (7-9).

Seattle Seahawks
St. Louis Rams
Minnesota Vikings

Looking over these teams, I think we would have looked over these teams thinking they would have at least 10 win seasons. As the saying goes; "Any Given Sunday," well that statement is holding true just about every week this year in the NFL.

Status Of Black Coaches In College Football

Now that Ty Willingham has been fired from Notre Dame there seem to be only two black coaches left in Division I football. Is this a sad state of college football by not having more black coaches in the top level of college football?

In some ways the answer is yes, I'm sure there are some colleges that don't give a broad view of all the potential coaches out there because they are focused on one particular person, but isn't that their choice? Isn't that their right to feel that the coach they have pinned down is the right person for the job? Isn't that their choice to believe that the man they have in mind for the job will do the best to win the most games?

It's even a sadder thing to consider that people of a particular race need to be added to a head coaching position I believe, after all if they kept a person of color in a position and all they did was have .500 seasons year after year, isn't that college losing money because the Alumni probably will stop donating? I think the answer is yes.

I think we need to step back and think about the jobs need to be less about the color of someone's skin and more about what is best for a particular University.