Sunday, November 14, 2004

Will Utah Get a NCAA Bowl Championship Game?

All Utah does is win and win by huge margins, but will it be enough to crack into the NCAA Championship Bowl picture? Utah is currently 10-0 and will most likely move into the top 6 and be put into position to get into that elusive field to choose a National Champion. If you read my earlier post about the NCAA football mess, this is exactly why there should be a playoff tournament for these teams. Utah having a great year might get snubbed because they don't play in the ACC, BigTen or Pac-10 and their games aren't on at 3pm EST where the 'so-called' top teams play in front of a national audience. If the NCAA took the top 8 or 6 teams, this would give Utah a fair crack against a Oklahomam, USC or Wisconsin and see if they really do belong. Until a playoff picture is set, we will keep wondering what might have been and what could be for these lesser known teams that go undefeated deep into the season.


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