Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Should Ohio State Football Give Back Their Championship

Almost two years ago, Ohio State football did the unthinkable, they beat the Miami Hurricanes in a greatly contested National Football championship game. This was a back and forth game and one of the most exciting championship games that I can remember for college football.

Now the story we all thought would come out, will do so in ESPN the magazine from an interview with Maurice Clarett. In this interview he admits that accepted cash, cars and other fun items to the typical college student. With all of these infractions, should the NCAA come down hard on Ohio State University and take away their National Championship? My answer without a question has to be yes. These infractions were done before the game was played and all of them go against what a student athlete is. Student athletes aren't allowed to accept monetary gifts during their time they are enrolled at their college instituion which clearly happened with Clarett. We also find out in this article that he passed classes he shouldn't have passed because the special tutors did the work for him so that he would be eligible to play. Perhaps the NCAA will come down on Ohio State in a year or so, have them on a few years suspension, but the next time this happens will the outcome take so long to come to a verdict?


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