Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ron Artest Benching....A Great Thing

According to a ESPN report, Ron Artest was benched when he asked coach Rick Carlisle for time off because of a busy schedule that included promoting a soon-to-be released rap album. The suspension was for all of two games, two games too little.

Ron Artest made a commitment at the beginning of the NBA season to play in each game that is scheduled for the Pacers and now he wants off to promote a rap album? This is insane, I thought that's what the off-season was for? Can you imagine asking your boss for an extra 3 weeks of vacation to do other things outside of work, I doubt this would happen as your work needs you to be there so that they can succeed, just as the Pacers would need Ron Artest to be there during the 7 months or so. I have to think that this attitude is what turns off so many fans that like to watch sports on a daily basis, the players have really made it hard for the fans to feel sorry for them in any situation that might not be so favorable towards them during the season.

So tell me, was two games too little? Too much?


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