Thursday, November 11, 2004

Randy Moss To Miss Green Bay Game

With the (5-3) Vikings playing the (4-4) Green Bay Packers this Sunday, this game just got a little more exciting and possibly will help Green Bay get above the .500 mark after playing Minnesota.

Randy Moss will miss another game this Sunday and that means that Green Bay can have one less worry now and maybe put more focus on blitzing Daunte Culpepper and forcing him to make poor decisions. The main key will be for Green Bay to control the game clock with their running game and give Culpepper less time on the field to work with his receivers. With the second half of the season starting, this game is crucial for both teams to win their divisional games as well as beating any and all NFC teams they play so they aren't on the bubble at the end of the season and hoping that they need another team to win or lose so that they can sneak into the playoffs at the last week of the season.

If Randy Moss only misses this game and the Viking happen to lose they should still be ok because they do have the Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins to play, both should be winnable games. If they can split with the Detroit Lions and Packers, the 9 games should be enough to put them into the playoff picture.


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