Friday, November 26, 2004

Philadelphia Eagles To Clinch NFC East On Sunday

It's hard to believe that it won't even be December 1st and the Philadelphia Eagles have a chance to be the first team in the NFL this year to clinch their division. Granted the NFC East, well 75% of the entire NFC is pretty weak, it's still a great accomplishment for the Eagles to win their division so early in the season.

With great additions like Terrel Owens and Jevon Kearse, the Eagles have been able to add key componets that have been missing for the last three years. If you think about it, they have done a great job in getting to the NFC Championship games without stud players at key offensive and defensive positions.

If you live in the Philadelphia area like I do, you know that simply getting to the NFC Championship just isn't enough this year We expect more and I think the whole Philadelphia Eagles organization expects more and that "more" is getting to the Super Bowl in Jacksonville this year. With a very talented team, the Eagles should be there and facing a very tough opponent from the AFC in February.


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