Saturday, November 27, 2004

NHL Lockout Update

72 days and counting.

It's been a bad fall and soon to be winter for NHL fans across America, if there are any at this point. Myself, not just a Philadelphia Flyers fan, but a NHL fan has had a very tough time wondering who is actually right in all of this, but I'm starting to side with the owners. I agree that there should be a salary cap like the NFL and NBA, mainly for the reason that a 3rd line right winger shouldn't be getting $4 or $5 million per year when the NHL TV ratings are down the tubes. The players in the NHL need to take a hard look at their dying sport in small markets and think about their fans and work with the owners on an agreeable salary cap so that they can get back on the ice and save their sport while there is still time.

Just this week according to a CNNSI report, the NHL players' association will begin issuing lockout pay to more than 730 players. Payments will start this month, and players will get $10,000 each for November and another $10,000 for December, with subsequent monthly payments varying between $5,000 or $10,000, The Canadian Press reported. This is well below the amount a player like Jeremy Roenick or Martin Brodeur would be getting if they actually were playing the game. There haven't been any talks from both sides since about September 9 and over 280 games have been cancelled. I hope both sides can get together and work on a salary cap that works for both sides and get back on the ice to play this great game of hockey. By doing so, the NHL can be saved and I can watch some hockey during the week instead of all of those horrible reality TV shows.


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