Thursday, November 25, 2004

NFL Thanksgiving Games

So will you be watching the NFL football games this Thanksgiving? I don't care how bad the matchups are, I will still be in front of the TV watching both games because no matter how bad it gets, it still beats any parade on the TV.

This year, the best matchup of the two will be the Detroit Lions and Indianapolis Colts where might see Peyton Manning get closer to breaking Dan Marino's single season touchdown record of 48 touchdowns. My best guess is that Peyton will toss up at least three maybe four today. The only bad thing about Peyton throwing all of these touchdowns is that he might need to toss 4 or maybe 5 a game during the playoffs for the Colts to keep advancing.

The Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears game is a game of two teams that were supposed to at least still be in the hunt for the playoffs at this point. But with the Bears having a few major injuries and the Cowboys showing their true colors this year, both will be playing just to not finish last in their division.

Everyone sit down, relax and watch some football today and most of all Happy Thanksgiving.


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