Thursday, November 11, 2004

Major League Baseball Thinking Of Instant Reply

At this year's winter meetings, MLB is looking at instant replay and here's why I think it's a bad idea. Baseball is already long enough, some games go 3 or 4 plus hours and with instant replay you are looking at about 2 plays a game to be reviewed that will prolong an even longer game. The one thing I like about sports without instant replay is that it keeps the game real and it also gives us fans something to talk about on sports radio stations about the play.

It doesn't seem that the umpires are in favor of it and the traditional owners don't seem to like it either stating that, "Baseball is very traditional." I happen to agree with this and I would like to see one of the remaining sports to keep it as is and let human nature decide on the call, if the umpire gets it wrong, it will gives us something to complain about if it happens to our team, but hey, isn't that one of the fun things in being a fan?


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