Sunday, November 28, 2004

LeBron James Youngest NBA Player To Reach 2,000 Points

What an amazing feat for LeBron James, 2,000 points all before he turns 20 years old. LeBron broke Kobe Bryant's record when he did it when he was 20 years, 183 days old. I know LeBron is a great basketball player but lets take a minute and look at the competition with whom he's going against. Granted, the 2,000 points he has scored is a great accomplishment, but the overall talent in the NBA is weaker than let's say the mid-90's, all of the 80's; 70's and so on. We can't take away any of the accomplishments he's done so far at a young age, but before we crown him one of the great players, let's see if King James can take the Cavaliers to a few NBA Championships first.


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