Friday, November 19, 2004

Eli Manning To Finish The Season For NY Giants

Now that the Giants are just about our of the race for a spot in the NFC playoffs due to a recent losing streak and losses to their defensive line, the keys are turned over the this year's top pick in the college draft Eli Manning. Looking over the NY Giants next five games, I can't think of a more difficult schedule to go against than the one the Giants have in front of them, let's take a look.

This week, the Atlanta Falcons. Not a great team, but one that should make the playoffs and their defense is pretty good. Then you are now looking at in order, the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens and then to top it all off, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hey Eli, welcome to the NFL.

All said and done at the end of his career, I think the Pittsburgh Steelers will end of getting the best quarterback out of this draft. Only time will tell and I think the next 5 years will prove that that the Steelers got the better end of the deal by waiting for their man.


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